Top 2 Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Causes

  1. Not doing anything about your existing hemorrhoids! Do something man (or woman)! The longer you wait, the longer you increase your chances of busting a vein and/or getting a clot that will turn your sleeper hemorrhoid into a raging volcano (at least that's what it will feel like to you). As Nike says... "Just Do It!"
  2. Too much irritation of the colon opening. This can be caused by a variety of things, but diet usually tops the list. Listen, not only is following the right diet going to help your hemorrhoids, but it's also just going to allow you to live a better, stronger, healthier, more vibrant life. Get to it man! Nothing changes unless you move the cheese... (see if you know where I got 'that' statement from).

That's it! Follow the above recommendations and see if you too can take my Top 2 Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Causes and use them to live a happy, pain-free life.