Typical Hemorrhoid Surgery Costs

Before I go into the typical costs of hemorrhoid surgery, I want to caution you first to consider all non surgical treatment of hemorrhoids options. Simply put... you want to always start from least intrusive... to more invasive. Don't jump in the deep end and think you need surgery right off the bat. There are many external hemorrhoid treatment options available to most people that do not require surgery at all!

Surgery should only be considered as a last resort when all other hemorrhoid treatment options have been exhausted. The least of which to consider is hemorrhoid surgery recovery time, costs, and pain. Yes... a true pain in the rear (pardon the pun).

So before you consider going to a hemorrhoid treatment center, please review other articles at this site for options available to you that are more natural, less painful (at least in terms of recovery), and may just give you the type of relief you are looking for.

Many people live with hemorrhoids and simply manage them with diet, hemorrhoid creams, sitz baths, and other effective treatment options.

Sorry to go on so much about the non-surgical ways, but I want to make sure you make a correct, and informed decision about hemorrhoid surgery, including a question you may have like, "how much does hemorrhoid surgery cost?"

That said, here are your typical hemorrhoid surgery costs:

Hospital stay: $2,500 (webmd estimate)
Nurse care: $750
Anasthesia costs: $2,000
Miscellaneous costs (including bandages, topical medicines, local anesthetics, surgical gloves, etc): $500

Grand Total: $5,750!

Yet a tube of preparation H only costs $14.95! And... may be all you need for permanent relief depending on the severity of your hemorrhoids.

Weigh your options, decide what's best for you, then take the plunge...

Thanks for reading all about typical hemorrhoid surgery costs.