Pros and Cons of External Hemorrhoid Creams


  1. Easy
  2. Fast
  3. Cheap
  4. Readily Available
  5. Don't need a prescription
  6. Depending on the cream you choose can be just as effective as prescriptive medications and even surgery


  1. May prolong suffering and pain if you choose the incorrect cream or ignore symptoms that your hemorrhoids are worse than you thought.
  2. Sometimes messy
  3. Embarassing, especially if you have to have someone else help you apply it
  4. Not many, actually.

It's highly recommend that you try several hemorrhoid creams on the marketplace to see if one suits you and helps alleviate your pain and suffering.

That's it! Follow the above recommendations and see if you too can take my Pros and Cons of External Hemorrhoid Creams and use them to live a happy, pain-free life.