Top 5 External Hemorrhoids Causes

  1. Not enough fiber
  2. Not enough sex (believe it or not, the typical movements during sex helps keep your colon healthy and functional)
  3. Not enough water in your diet - aim for 8, 8-oz glasses per day
  4. Not going to the bathroom (#2) often enough - this is usually a symtom of not having enough fiber in your diet. However... beware of suddenly injecting TOO MUCH fiber into your system all at once. This can definitely backfire on you in a big way. Ask me how I know. If you over-stimulate your colon to efect fecal matter, you might just cause hemorrhoids to form in the first place because the increase irritation of continually wiping and ejecting fecal matter may very well cause hemorrhoids to form.. Something to seriously consider!
  5. Straining too much while going to the bathroom.

That's it! Follow the above recommendations and see if you too can take my external hemorrhoids causes and live a happy, pain-free life.